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Ill: Woof ( Full ) Free

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He's gone, and I don't think I will ever see him again. A small dog. A dog that I adored, but not enough. My mind played tricks on me. How? Well an illness occurred and at the time of giving him up, I didn't realize just how much I shouldn't have given him up, until he was in the back of a van, and I was with tears streaming down my face. The cries were of no use my will was gone. I wish he were here with me. I cry to have him, but I feel only a little of me having him. I can't recall many things. It must be because of my illness. He was a wonderful dog though. It was very nice being around him. He did things that made me laugh. He did things that all were really fine with me. Maybe not the ones of the home, but Dynamite was the boom. He was explosive. He moved around much sometimes. He sometimes barked very much at the people of the house. That's why I named him that. A chiweenie, and the cutest one ever. White and Tan. I will always want him to be with me.

Chapter One

Dynamite needs a bath today. He gets one every time he goes outside for long periods of time. I bath him in a small container inside the house. One time I snuck and bathed him in the tub. I was not supposed to according to the people over the house, But I thought it would be easier for me to bathe him, and good for him. I also let him walk around the house when they were out. His territory was in the den though. Also something I was not supposed to do. However I felt he would like to be more free.

Chapter Two

Today Dynamite got a muzzle. He barks too much. Not really to me, but the owners get annoyed at his barking, especially at night. I was happy to please them, but the muzzle was not really good for him. He coughed sometimes, and I feared he would hurt himself or chock with it on. I would sometimes go down into the den and take it off; taking him out of his large cage, it was huge, and playing with with him. I would also sleep on the couch or the lay out bed slash couch. They did not like him on the couch, but the layout bed was fine. Plus I put a blanket on the couch, so they would be happy, and Dynamite would not scratch it.

Chapter Three

I was not ill with Dynamite for long. I became ill a year and a about seven month or more of having him. There was times not only with his muzzle, but a cover had to be thrown over his cage when relatives came over. I did not think it was healthy, however their site got Dynamite to barking. I known when going under the sheet can be kind of suffocating. It was my aunt's idea I believe. I might be wrong, but it was someone's idea. I followed. When others besides relatives came over I would take him out of his cage and keep him close so he would not bark. There was this one person, however that did not mind touching and talking to my dog. He was someone who came to fix something. There was also this guy. I do not remember if he was a mailman or someone walking by, but Dynamite barked at him. I became mean and tried to get Dynamite to stop barking. However the man said it happens with his dogs too. I did not take too much from it, and instead wanted Dynamite to stop still. The people over the house wanted him to be trained, and more well behaved, I stared wanting it too, and I feared Dynamite having to leave.

Chapter Four

I taught him different tricks. Sit, lay, roll over, and some more that I do not remember. My mother, a person over the house, got used to him, to a degree of taking him outside to use the bathroom. The other person over the house got used to him to a degree of telling him to come inside, and in our fence. He had got out, and would not listen to me. Dynamite got out many times. I would have to get him back in with chicken.

Chapter Five

I think now since he is gone, it might have been good for him. I had got him some medicine for his ears, and I'm not sure if it was working for him well. He also was not getting enough nutrients from his dog food. I might have been giving him too many treats. I gave him them many times. Also he might have had a urinary track infection, and when I went to take him t o check, the vet was closed, and so was a vet hospital. I hope he is happy.

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I’ll: Woof
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I’ll: Woof
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ll: Woof

Tan and white,
my cute little Dynamite
I love you so much
You help my heart to come alive.
Dancing with you in my arms,
makes me feel alright.

He's special

He's sweet
He's lovely
He's awesome
He's my dog
and I love him so much
He was my dog 
and I'll care about him, 
even if I forget things about him.

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