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Schizophrenia: concentration: Focus On Me ( Full ) Free

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Have you ever tried to close your eyes for a long period of time? Or ball your fist up tightly? Maybe point at an object and name it. Can you point at an object while remember where it is and naming it? With schizophrenia it’s hard. I can’t hold a thought long enough before it is taken away and gobbled up by the voices. Or when I try to do something the pain keeps me in bed and hurts. It is horrible. They make choices for me...

But, well, that is how it was in the beginning. Now, now I can do schooling. Now, I can make choices. Now, I can enjoy things. The first medicine I was on was horrible, it did not work at all... The second medication I was too sensitive to it. The third; I can not remember, but the fourth...the fourth works. I still got depressed, and wasn’t able to enjoy life at the beginning, but it got better, and now I would like to focus on me and figure out how to do that.

There are things that still bother me, like laughing and it being hard to control, and my focus being taken away from the real world, but I can do things now.

If you are hearing voices and are unable to enjoy life, there is help out there.

Signs of Schizophrenia

Help with Voices (Read below)

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Table of Contents

Schizophrenia: concentration: Focus On Me
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Table of Contents
This work’s details
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Schizophrenia: concentration: Focus On Me

This work’s details

Short-Short Story - unkown words
Created on 5/ 4/2020
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Copyright ©️ 2018 MoonshineReads

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 Schizophrenia: concentration: Focus On Me

I’m tired of the hurt.
I can do it on my own,
without these voices.
Schizophrenia release me.

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