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The Bridge: A Letter To Me ( Full ) Free

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A bridge connected us. There were two cities. You had to cross the bridge if you wanted to go to the opposite city. 
I don’t know how I will be tomorrow or the next day. I am always on edge and I’ve never been to the other city. I wonder what it is like. Are they as kind as the people and doctors here? If my Schizophrenia messes with me will I have to come back to this city or can I go to a facility there? I hate Schizophrenia. Well hate is a strong word. I am confused and hurt by it. It seems to limit me and my abilities. One day I hope I will be able to go to the other city. I will grace everything with a healthier mind. 

A letter to me,

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Table of Contents
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The Bridge: A Letter To Me

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Short-Short Story
Created on 9/ 3 /2018
| Schizophrenia | 

Copyright ©️ 2018 MoonshineReads

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 The Bridge: A letter to me

When I go over
Where will I be?
Will it be calming and sweet.
Will it pull me close and calm my mind?

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