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Gena: Read about me ( Full ) Free

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I love this place. I do not have to drive. There are very many buses and trains and fairies. I have always wanted to live in a place like this.

My name is Gena. I am twenty years old. I have two siblings. The two are both older, and enjoy things similarly to what I enjoy. I enjoy dancing, playing video games, listening to pop music, watching positive anime, and shopping. Although I am trying to save up for a place of my own.

Yeah. I also enjoy dogs, cats and other animals like Fenic foxes.

They remind me of chihuahuas, because of their ears.

Yeah, so, I don’t drive. I don’t have a job, but I am a student. I have finished two years of it. Now I am on to my bachelors. College is nice. I enjoy going on campus and sitting at tables outside to do assignments. Free WiFi. It comes with being a student. I also like sitting inside. The outside gives me a huge amount of joy.

Now about driving; I would rather go by train, or bus. I’m not too into driving. But I might have to learn one day, and it gives freedom, right? Plus with this virus out, I am not too sure about taking the bus. I can only dream of moving somewhere with a beautiful scenery or a bunch of easy on the eyes kind of environment.

I live with my parents. Not on campus. Although, I have thought about going to a different college to finish my bachelors degree. I do not mind staying at this college though. It is nice, but maybe someday I will get a bike and venture out. I hope one day I will get to move around on my own. My mom takes me to different places.

Now my mom, she does very much for me and has done very much for my siblings and I. I can be mean sometimes, and recently, I have seen it. And I can’t go past it; I have to change and better my mind, body, and spirit. That way I can treat others with the biggest amount of care.

I want to give my mom more credit and I plan on doing things for her once I get a good career going after university.

University can be hard, especially without motivation and the will to do assignments. Family has pushed me to go further as well as my plans to build something beautiful or open up a shop of my own.

With my many hobbies, I nope to make something with them and turn it into something great. Besides those things I mentioned before, I like to write, draw, and decorate.

Thanks for reading about me. I hope you have a successful life, with many beautiful moments you can hold onto, and find the many pleasures of a beautiful life.

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31 March 2020 - More of chapter one.

Table of Contents

Gena: Read about me
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Table of Contents
This work’s details
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Gena: Read About Me 

This work’s details

Short-Short Story - 453 words
Created on 9/ 3 /2018
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Copyright ©️ 2018 MoonshineReads

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 Gena: Read About Me

I am Gena. 
I do many things.
Here is my life,
to you my friend.

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