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Vamp City: Don’t Be A Stranger ( Not Complete ) Free

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Prologue ( Comming soon )

I’m staying in this city, while I finish my bachelors degree. I hope there are more people like him.

Chapter One
Well, today has been a great day. I went to the mall and bought me a nice new phone. Really happy about it. I also met a guy named James. He just walked up to the table I was sitting at while I ate. He asked for my number, but when I explained to him I purchased a new phone, since my last one broke, he gave me his number. He was pretty cute, and nice to talk to. We talked about the kind of phone I got, the cat he purchased and adopted from the pet store located in this mall. I even got to hold the little one. She was all black, and very cute. I told him I might adopt a pet, once I finish college. It turns out he’s 25. Three numbers away from my 22. He has his Bachelors in programming. I told him mine as well. It’s in therapy and imaging. He told me he stays with his friends, and is saving up to buy a house. It went with both us complementing aspects in each other’s lives, and ending with me telling him I would text him once I got my new phone up and running with my information. 

He was very kind, and the first person to come up to me in this city. Well besides my house mate. I’m glad I made a new person to talk to.

Well, I guess it is off to my home. I wonder what my house mate is doing. Is she cooking, cleaning, eating, attending to the garden we share, or what is she doing? I like her. I met her when I found out I got accepted into school. I found an ad advertising a house mate that is a student. She liked the idea of someone staying with her that was attending college, like her own self.

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Table of Contents

Vamp City: Don’t Be A Stranger
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Table of Contents
This work’s details
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Vamp City: Don’t Be A Stranger

This work’s details

Short-Short Story - 453 words
Created on 9/ 3 /2018
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Copyright ©️ 2018 MoonshineReads

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 Vamp City: Don’t Be A Stranger

Vampire vampire don’t take my blood
Don’t steal the thing I need to live
I can’t do this
This city of vamps
Now I know why they say
Don’t be a stranger.
They get to know you
Then take and take until
You’re cold

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