Monday, October 26, 2020

Blank ( Prologue ) Free

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Notice* Hi, before you continue, this story is one of schizophrenia. It is based on a true story. However, a few things have been changed. Do not read, if you are frightened easily or are delusional. Research the illness, if you would like. :) Thank you for reading. These notices are important.


I thought it was there a minute ago. It's okay, it'll come back to me. Would it not?  

“Ms. Peterson, what is the answer? If you do not know, pay more attention.” This teacher's words cut sharp into my heart and mind. Confusion enveloped me. I knew it. “What do you think those study guides are for?” 

I hummed and looked out the window. I studied. I did. I don't remember. I simply do not. “Take your seat Ms. Peterson, and remember to study next time.”

I took my seat with a nod of my head. Being too embarrassed to tell the teacher I studied for hours, all this week. I sat numbly at my desk. Like a statue, I listen to the words, and phrases of the teacher's lecture.  

Before leaving the classroom, I heard a remark that left my pre-dry throat drier; “How stupid can you be?” 

This remark came from someone. It might or might not have been directed towards me, but it hurt. Am I stupid? I can't remember. How should I feel about this? What can I do to stop this?  

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Table of Contents

You are reading
Table of Contents
This work’s details
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Blank 2nd

This work’s details

Short-Short Story - unknown words
Created on Unknown
| Schizophrenia  | |

Copyright ©️ 2018 MoonshineReads

This work is copyrighted at All rights reserved. Please do not distribute anywhere unless given written or typed permission by the author of this work.


Is there something,  
wrong with my head? 
Things keep on going, 
Feeling me with dread 
And leading out a door,  
are my thoughts  
I've been searching for. 
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Blank ( 2nd Poem )

Wash away those bad thoughts
Live a life with the good ones. 
It might take time,
but you can shine.

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