Thursday, June 17, 2021

Book Two: A World In Which He Read Like A Story ( Prologue )

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He swayed on his feet as he walked. Where was he? Where did the girl go? Pressure from above made him fall down.

“Who are you that tries to enter this kingdom?” A voice boomed.

The boy though did not speak. He was unconscious.

“Dan! What did you do?!”, A voice that was soft but shrill asked.

The man with his spear laughed haultly, but spoke, “what did I do? Another one tries to enter? What do expect from me? Too many of his kind have been entering, and all they bring is despair, weakness, and things we do not need”

“But this one is different, and we are not barbarians. You know the rules, let them enter, and let them die on their own”.

“That’s the biggest problem! They never die on their own! They die way too easily, and those who fall in love with them then what will they do?”.

“I do not care how you feel. Father decided this and this is what shall go,” The soft voice spoke as the boy went slightly into the the air. The boy followed behind her as she walked through the big white doors.

Dan scoffed, “What is with father? He is weak”.

“He can hear you, you know.”. A man taller than Dan laughed out happily.

“What do you want Treve?”

“Everything that you should want”, he laughed, then quickly added, “Everything that father wants, love and care”.

“I do love! But those creatures, why love them?”, he asked as he lifted the spear off the ground.

“You have to get over what happened to Jane-“. “Whoa watch what your doing!”, Treve cried as the spear flew towards him. He dogged easily, and let out a little laugh.

“Shut up!”, Dan yelled.

“You seem more like the humans than the humans, you crazy man”, and with that Treve disappeared.

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You are Reading - Book Two: A World In Which He Did Not Know 

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Table of Contents

You are Reading
Table of Contents
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Book Two: A World In Which He Did Not Know

This work’s details

Created on 17 June 2021
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Copyright ©️ 2018 MoonshineReads

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A World In Which He Did Not Know

They have no powers.
However, they are good.
But there are others,
the ones from the past,
the ones with powers,
the ones who made things move.
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