Saturday, August 7, 2021

One Day We'll See You With Someone ( Chapter One Preview ) Free

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New!!* Chapter One (Preview)
Today's place will be Antony's club. I think I will have a nice time there, plus I haven't seen him in sometime. A little visit will be good for the both of us. 

 “Antony, how are you?” I asked him over the music. 

 “Fine!” He gave a laugh and smile. 

Antony's not a bad looking guy. In fact he's pretty handsome. However, he's missing something. He can make some drinks, but when it comes to his cooking skills, he's not like Rachel. And I need someone like Rachel. I want the best. 

“Want to head out later tomorrow. I'm off.” he wiggled his eyebrows at me. 

I know what that means. A night with the friends. 

“Yes, where though?” I say happily. 

“Felex's house.” He says. And I frown. 

Felex and I haven't been doing too well.

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One Day We Will See You With Someone
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One Day We Will See You With Someone

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 One Day We Will See You With Someone

She is a girl,
looking for some fun. 
He's not like the rest,
he passes the test...
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