Friday, July 29, 2022

A Day At The Library: Wouldn’t it be nice! ( Full ) Free

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Today was okay. I went to the library. I got to play a game using my hotspot called “Play Together(i)” on my iPad. It doesn’t work on my phone well. I also purchased some books from the library. Yes; purchased, they have a room full of books that you can purchase instead of check out. I think every library should have a room to buy books from. It doesn’t cost very much either. Some books are fifty cents. Some are a dollar, and others are two to five. It depends on if they are hardbacks, softbacks, dvds, cds, etc. As someone who used to read books with paper instead of online, like I do sometimes now, It would be fun to visit and buy books from different libraries. I would love to start reading paper books again. I purchased twelve books in total. Eleven are volume books, and one is a fantasy book with a good cover. I had to buy it. The volume books might be for a younger audience, however, It caught my eye because it’s about two twin sisters, but one is a vampire, and they have a vampire side of the family. I am curious to see why one is a vampire and one girl is not. I could have purchased one book from the volume, that tells of them visiting their vampire side of the family, but it’s a chance that I won’t find out the reason in one book. Plus, it would be nice to read the whole volume, and add it to my book collection. I think it’s the whole volume that I purchased. I will have to check, and if not, find the rest of them, and add them to the ones I have now. 
The feel of the library is quite nice. It’s quiet. I can stay to myself, and really be in tune with what I am doing. Like the game I was playing. It got me in my now. However, when looking up, I am able to get a feel of my surroundings. It gives me a soft and easy feeling. I’m not here alone. I came with a family member who met up with a coursemate to do a project. My view is not really on them. They asked me a few questions, a very small amount, when they needed help, but they knew what to do. When I was looking at the books I looked up like two times to make sure they didn’t need me. I also looked up a few times when I first started the game up on my tablet. I wonder if they are almost done. The game was fun, but I got off because I thought the lady said something about it almost being time to close. However she didn’t, and of course not it was close to twelve p.m. Unless they close for break, but where I live, that’s not quite what they do. Not quite? No. They don’t do it at all, or I haven’t seen it here. It’s possible it happens in some places though. Oh, like on campus. I think they have a break for lunch, and also on the phone you have to call back. Actually I think phone call lunch breaks happen, but not many in person breaks. But yeah, I think I might stop writing and get back on that fun game. 
Hopefully your libraries will get the “purchase books room”, and many other libraries, so when I visit places I can purchase some good books. Oh yeah, usually the books are books that are no longer needed. I think they might even be books from schools and other places. That would be cool if schools did it too! However, schools already have Book Fairs, and sell books throughout the year! Well, that’s all for now! Bye!

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A Day At The Library: Wouldn’t It Be Nice

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A Day At The Library: Wouldn’t It Be Nice

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