Saturday, July 30, 2022

Weak?Strong?Full of Bones? ( Preview ) Free

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I'll be moving out soon. Yeah, I will have my own place. It will be somewhere to go and rest.  The sleep I can see will be well. There will be less stress on me and ease. I know the house I would like. I will try to get them to go down on the price. I know how much everything will cost. I'll be living from check to check, but I am ready for this home that I look at daily. We are meant to be. Not like some of the other homes I have seen and have thought they could be for me. No this home is perfect. Well, almost perfect. The material it is made of becons me away. However, there is too much beauty in this home, that I will not say no to it. I can try yo fix up the minor detail. I will be on my own. Will I make it? Do I need that question? Maybe to keep the home. I already added up the cost though, and should be fine. Like before; I will be living check to check. I will also have to learn to use the bus, or find a way to earn money. If I make very much money. I know what I will do. I will donate some of it to different organizations. One in particular that holds me bound with the skeletons in my closet. If I donate to one place, it will definitely be to it. Definitely, definitely, definitely. With my own place this will be one step closer to growing up a little. Although I might be leaving the wrong way. I don't want to think about that though. This child like mind of mine needs some growing. So I will water it towards happiness and hopefully the soil will keep me up and beautiful. I do hope for this. Questions, Question, but I have already taken some steps. Should I pull back? No, I have peace with this. I hope I won't be stuck in a house because I am leaving this way.  Like the story that I have read in college about a old man who left his wife. Is he free now? Is it simply for a scare. These voices brother me lightly. They have calmed down very much. This must be what I need.

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Table of Contents
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Weak?Strong?Full of Bones?

This work’s details

Created on 17 June 2021
| Gods | Fiction |

Copyright ©️ 2018 MoonshineReads

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Weak?Strong?Full of Bones?

This life, 
We’re will it lead?
Theses secrets,
Where do they lye?
Questions and questions;
Uncertainty and lessons.

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