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Who Am I: The Light In The Darkness ( Chapter One preview ) Free

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You are Reading - Who Am I: The Light In The Darkness

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Table of Contents

You are Reading
Table of Contents
This work’s details
Copyright ©️ 2018 MoonshineReads
Who Am I:The Light In The Darkness
Chapter One: The slaves: The Forgotten

This work’s details

Created on unknown
| Universe | Fiction | Some Real Life Events/ Based on a True Story |

Copyright ©️ 2018 MoonshineReads

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Who Am I: The Light In The Darkness


Who Am I?: The Light In The Darkness.

Who am I?

I am me.

I lost my memories 

However, the shadow people

Keep me free.

They bring them back to me,

And guide me towards where to go.

I am the one who will free everyone;

Living, dead, the ones who disappeared,

they will all come to be the ones "To Remember

They will be my people!

Hello, can you tell me who I am?

Where do I go

How will I find my way”

The young girl sings. Her eyes are closed. Her mother looks at her, and smiles.

“It’s time to come inside,'' yells the mother. The child inhales while immediately standing, and then begins her way towards her mother.


The little girl smiles. She’s up and happy. Happy and ready to have some more fun. She looks at her mother, gets up off her mother’s bed, and runs toward the kitchen. She gets a chair and pushes it up towards the fridge. Next she stands on top of the chair, and grabs a box of blueberry cupcake mix. She gets her utincials and items that she will need down from different locations. She turns on the stove to preheat. As she does that, her mother walks in. “What are you up to.”, her mother asks with her face smiling towards her daughter. “I’m making blueberry cupcakes for us to eat.”

“Yummy,” the mother cheers.

“I thought you would like them,” Says the young girl, as she grabs a spoon and twirls it in a bowl of blueberry mixture.

“I sure do,” agrees the mother.

“Do you want to go to the park later,” asks the mother.

“No, I want to go somewhere else. Maybe the movies.”

“Okay, let’s do that,” the mother says as she sits on the couch. It faces away from the daughter. Do you want any help?” asks the mother as she turns towards the child, her head on the top of the couch. And her arms hanging down on the back.

“No, I’ve got it,” She smiles towards her mother and quickly looks away, and pours the batter into a pan with small cupcake papers.

“Do you have a movie in mind,” the mother asks as she flips through channels.

“Nope,” the young girl says

“Let’s look together after you finish then,” the mother says.

The young girl looks at the television screen after giving an; “okay,” to her mother.

After putting the separated mixture into the oven, she sits near her mother.

Twenty minutes later…

The young girl gets up and goes towards the oven. She opens it; picks up a fork, then pokes a cupcake with it.

“Done,” she whispers.

She grabs two mittens from, where she placed them, off of the table. Then she takes the cupcakes out, and places them on the stove.

The child waits for them to cool. She decides to wait on the couch near her mother. They both watch television.

“We should get dressed,” says the young girl.

“We should go get dressed,” the mother says, agreeing. We can choose a movie afterwards, instead.

“Okay, Can I pick out my outfit today,” the young girl asks.

“Go ahead,” says the mother.

As usual the daughter gets dressed first. Next the mother does the daughter’s hair.

“We can choose the movie now,” the mother says. She heads for the phone towards her daughter, after typing in the location of the movies airing.

“This one looks good,” says the child. She points at a picture of a fairy. She clicks on it. And it tells about a young lost fairy trying to make its way home. It meets some other fairies, and they all work together to get to the fairies home.

“Okay, and done,” says the mother.

The young child looks at herself in the mirror, as her mother does her own hair. She smiles and giggles. She loves that she and her mother look very similar: same dark brown hair that some might say is black, same almond eyes that twickled with darkness, same nose, same lips, and the same beautiful brown skin tone. They were so similar. 

“Okay let’s go,” says the mother, finished with her hair, and they both head outside. Then the mother locks the door.

They both listen and sing to the radio as they head towards the theatre. One in the passenger seat, the other in the driver's seat. They choose to sit at the top of the movie theatre.

“That was great”, says the girl.

“It was”, says the mother. “How about we do some shopping?”, asks the mother.

“I would like to.” says the child with a smile.

“This one looks good. How about we get this shirt?”, says and asks the mother.

“I like it”. The mother draps the shirt across her arm, at the child’s agreement.

They both continue to look in the childrens clothing section.

“Okay, I need some clothes too”, says the mother as she walks towards. the women’s section.

“This would look nice on you.”, says the young child. The mother looks and agrees.

She quickly looks at the time. “Okay time to check out. It’s getting late.” They both head to the register.

“That will be thirty- six dollars and sixty-seven cents”.

“Okay.” The mother quickly hands the worker money. After she gets her receipt, the mother and daughter head out the door and towards the vehicle.

“What would you like to eat?”, asks the mother.

“Fish.”, answers the child.

“Okay.”, says the mother. They make a stop at a fastfood restaurant called Fish Shack.

“They have the best fish.”, said the mother.

“I want shrimp, mom.”, says the girl.

“I think I'll have some shrimp too.”

“Hello, what will you be having today?” A voice comes from a speaker attached to a post, near items the fish place has to buy.

“I would like to have two shrimp boxes.”, answers the mother.

“Would you like a meal? It comes with a medium drink, fries, and a shrimp box.”

“It’s one dollar and fifty cents more”, comes from the speaker.

“Yes”, answers the mom, and the daughter.

“Mom, what do we do when life is annoying?”, The young girl sings.

“We find beautiful things”, sings the mother.

“How do we do that?”, The young girl sings.

“Find what makes you happy.”, The mother said. tired from singing.

“How do I know what will make me happy.”, The little girl asks, also tired from singing.

“When it makes you smile. When it makes you laugh. You’ll know when you feel a tug on your heart.”, Says the mother.

“You make me happy.” The young girl thinks of all the times she has laughed or smiled with her mother. She smiles and her already closed eyes begin to relax as she falls asleep.

Her mom’s eyes flutter close. Soon both of them have fallen asleep.

The bed floats amongst the clouds. As the girl wakes up, she screams in shock! Where am I?! Where's mom?! The Girl looks off the edge of the bed. The bed was her mother's, but once again her mother was nowhere to be seen.

"Mama!?", she calls out in panic as the bed begins to shake suddenly.

The girl falls, but soon she is flying. She smiles in more shock and then sighs in relief at the plummeting to the ground.

How is this possible? Everything felt so real. The girl started to fly downwards and she saw houses, but these houses looked different from the ones she lived in before.

They were like castles. They were beautiful.

"We've got another flyer!", a voice yelled out

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