Update:Nov 13, 2023!!New!!: If you are hungry all the time and not satisfied after eating, meaning you want more food minutes to hours after eating, your hormones may be imbalanced. If you are a woman changes are your estrogen levels are too low, which causes hunger. Try taking a hormone balancing pill. Not dhea it increases the male hormone too. Also try taking a vitamin b complex from Walmart. I recommend the Walmart brand. I also recommend getting a sun lamp/vitamin d lamp. It helps with depression and hormones. Get at least 30 minutes a day of the sun lamp. Don't stare at it, lol. It can be bright. Don't damage your eyes. I got a cheap one and it works amazing. Helps go to sleep fast and reset the internal clock. Also try taking a vitamin e every day 100iu or 45mg. If you are still depressed continue to do above, but add a fish oil pill. You can get some from dollar tree to test them out. All fish oil seems to work the same for me so far. You can also try cod liver oil with or as a substitute for the fish oil.

New- Nutritional yeast flakes helps the mind. Try it with chicken noodle soup.

New- If you are a female you can take prenatal vitamins with DHA and folic acid.  They sell them at walmart with sugar on them. It might clear up your mind a bit. 

Also, male or female--->Write in a tablet with pen and paper. Not typing/no typing. You might notice a huge difference as you write everyday and throughout the day.

!!New!! !!Even newer!!Astragalus(really gives you peace), Chickweed(not as good as the others), GABA(Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid)(turns fight or flight off), and Shilajit(not as good as the others). are known to promote well being and peace. Try these if you have Schizoaffective disorder. They have been very helpful. Ask your doctor about them first due to some people immune system that attacks them. 

Here you can learn tips and tricks to help maintain your schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder symptoms. These tips or tricks comes from an individual's/my use with these supplements. What works for another might not work for you. Always ask your doctor before taking. Also read this before trying these methods(if your schizophrenia is due to this, I'm not a doctor, but if you try these methods, your immune system may get a boost and attack you worse) :,-Protect-the-Brain.

Also; chances are, if you need these vitamins due to your prescription medicine depleting you of them, you may not be on the right/best medicine that works for you. Update! Nope turns out the author still needs the vitamins and supplements. The individual/author who posted this, found a very good prescribed medicine for treating the individual's diagnoses and now only needs them rarely. 

Infact giving the body time to adjust without taking the vitamins/supplements/minerals on a new medication will better help to see if you are actually in need of the vitamins below. 

The supplement Astragulus(below) might have helped too!

3. Doing simple addition or math in your head (double digits or single digits)(No link needed)(you can find a basic addition math game online too: Link to a math game if needed; will need to login, Before link as well. Another Free Math Game, no login required)
Try not laying on a pillow, and laying your head and body flat on a bed. Try sleeping this way too. You can turn your body and head to the side. Leave the pillow away from your head. The mattress should be your pillow.
4. Writing in a tablet with pen and paper. No typing/computer.

Ask your doctors about those deficiencies (Getting a blood test done can tell you what you are deficient in or what you have to much of.)(Make sure you do not take these vitamins, supplements, or minerals without your doctor administering a blood test).
Lack of motivation
1A- Too little vitamin D can cause lack in motivation. Read 2A, 3B.
Sleep Problems
2A- Too much vitamin D can cause day drowsiness. Read 1A, 3B.
2B- Too little iron can cause lack of energy.
2C- Too little fish oil can cause bad sleep. Read 4A, 3A.
Bring on Depression
3A - Fish oil helps with depression. Read 2C, 4A.
3B - Too little vitamin D can cause depression. Read 1A, 2A.
3C - Vitamin E helps with depression.
Cause Bleeding of ears, eyes, etc.
4A - Too much fish oil can cause bleeding. Read 2C, 3A.
*Drowsiness Throughout the Day*Linked to “Sleep Problems”
*5A- Too little magnesium can cause you to be drowsy throughout the day.Read Note*
*5B- Too little Calcium can cause you to be drowsy throughout the day. Read Note*
*5C- Too little Iron can cause you to be drowsy throughout the day. Read Note*
Note* Magnesium and calcium should always be balanced out. Too much of one of the other can cause problems with sleep and keep you drowsy throughout the day.

6A *New* Astragulus - Good for getting peace. Side-effects will be noted later or you can google them. This might not be good to use if you already get up at a certain time and go to sleep at a certain time. It might/will mess that up. If you have nightmares, this might make you not care if you wake from them and if you wake you might go back to sleep even if you have another nightmare. Ask your doctor before taking. 

7A B Vitamins(B Complex)- Good for the brain. Gives energy, helps with mood. Choosing a B complex is best to keep a balance of B vitamins.
More on B vitamins:

Nightmares, Nightmares What's causing your nightmares?

Circadian rhythm Why You can't sleep! Also learn about Astragulus above!

What else helps? 
Once again, ask your doctor about these supplements and taking them together or in the same day.
- (CBD) Hemp oil gummies. These gummies are good for mood and stress. The voices might disconnect from you if you try these. Make sure they do not have THC in them. Warning may cause you to feel like you might lose your mind/sanity/go mad.(leaving this up here, for records purpose. Please do not take without permission from your doctor!).
- L-tyrosine is good for stress and if you take it 30 minutes after the hemp gummies you might notice an even bigger amount of the voices going away. L-tyrosine will help you to be alert, however the hemp gummies really help with it. L-tyrosine has side effects be careful when taking.
- Sea Moss. It has 92 of the 102 nutrients our body needs. Follow the directions if you get sea moss gel. You can purchase flavored sea moss gel from Amazon or Walmart. Remember to store in the fridge or freezer, after opening, as it says on the instructions.

New!! Writing in a journal helps to clear the voices as well as writing happy stories or poems. It also helps to lift depression.

Something else to know about;
- Hemp milk. Has all 10 amino acids. Warning may cause you to feel like you might lose your mind/sanity/go mad. (leaving this up here, for records purpose. Please do not take without permission from your doctor!).
More deficiencies and overdoses coming soon…

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