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Here you will find different happy motivational short stories made in review for an older audience, but nothing inappropriate. Due to the way online sources is though, I do not recommend any child on my site. Open a link and see what's to offer. Thanks for visiting. If you would like to read our other old stories, head over to retomb.com. This one is for a mature audience as well, and not for younger because of mental health stories. However, stories end on a happy note and or show happiness in them. You can find both long and short stories there. New site coming for longer stories is in mental development. So there will be a site for short stories, long stories and short stories, and one for only long stories in the future. Moi is happy to help you, if you have any questions. Feel free to comment on a post for help or you can use the contact form at retomb.com. Please do not distribute anywhere else. All Rights Reserved. 

Parents, the best thing might be a handheld game system instead of something like an iPad. 

- Moi (MoiMaruKiMasaMoTea)

This website was birthed on 9 February 2024.

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A Perfect Day

Rachel woke up to the soft light of dawn streaming through her bedroom window, the scent of blooming jasmine from her garden mingling with t...

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